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I enjoy banging with my gangs, buying and selling women's bodies, dealing illegal substances, doing laundry with money instead of clothes, robbing various business establishments including, Liqour Merchants, Gun Vendors, and chess clubs called Pawn Shops.

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Posted by timpinisucks - January 12th, 2008

A little about myself:
I'm a senior in high school at a large school in Texas. My musical background includes 6 years of piano when I was younger and now I'm finishing my 6th year of percussion. I played Timpani for marching band for 4 years and almost marched DCI for the Blue Knights on timpani. I've also played in some bitchin percussion ensembles with Greg Bissonette and Tommy Igoe! I only began writing my own music on Garageband at the beginning of this school year when I enrolled in a Garageband class, however, I wrote my first piano composition when I was a sophomore and continued to "mess around" on my piano and keyboard at the house. Other useful talents include a knack for photoshop as well as a prowess in the english language.

I'm still new at this, but I really love doing it and plan to continue in college. Any praise or hate mail I receive is loved equally and cherished eternally. Critisicm is good, good, GOOD! I don't think I'll update this often, so get used to reading this.

I also have a G4 Mac laptop and a Velocity Micro Laptop (C90) if anyone cares. I also love them both equally even though the Velocity kicks the crap out of the Mac.

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uhhhh ok!

6 years of Piano, huh? That's awesome.
I wish I knew how to play the piano.
I do play guitar though.
Been playing for 10 years. Since I was 8.

I wish I knew how to play guitar! My Grandfather is a guitarist in a Jazz band. He's pretty legit, album hit the stores last May, and he's always said that he's leaving me all his musical stuff which will include 3 guitars. That plus the 4 Guitars my dad has (he used to be in a band but he's not nearly as good as Grandpa) means that I will one day be the owner of half a dozen instruments I can't play...
I understand the mechanics of the thing though, I just can't play chods very well because I never practice.

...that's pretty sweet. i wish i had a G4 myself...

Nice pic

&quot;WILL RAP FOR SEX&quot;

you would'nt need to rap to have sex with me!