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First News Post

2008-01-12 18:55:05 by timpinisucks

A little about myself:
I'm a senior in high school at a large school in Texas. My musical background includes 6 years of piano when I was younger and now I'm finishing my 6th year of percussion. I played Timpani for marching band for 4 years and almost marched DCI for the Blue Knights on timpani. I've also played in some bitchin percussion ensembles with Greg Bissonette and Tommy Igoe! I only began writing my own music on Garageband at the beginning of this school year when I enrolled in a Garageband class, however, I wrote my first piano composition when I was a sophomore and continued to "mess around" on my piano and keyboard at the house. Other useful talents include a knack for photoshop as well as a prowess in the english language.

I'm still new at this, but I really love doing it and plan to continue in college. Any praise or hate mail I receive is loved equally and cherished eternally. Critisicm is good, good, GOOD! I don't think I'll update this often, so get used to reading this.

I also have a G4 Mac laptop and a Velocity Micro Laptop (C90) if anyone cares. I also love them both equally even though the Velocity kicks the crap out of the Mac.


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2008-01-21 16:42:27

WELCAM TO NG POST IN HERE NAO PLZ - http://rig.newgrounds.com/news/post/4 0661


timpinisucks responds:

uhhhh ok!


2008-01-22 09:05:37

6 years of Piano, huh? That's awesome.
I wish I knew how to play the piano.
I do play guitar though.
Been playing for 10 years. Since I was 8.

timpinisucks responds:

I wish I knew how to play guitar! My Grandfather is a guitarist in a Jazz band. He's pretty legit, album hit the stores last May, and he's always said that he's leaving me all his musical stuff which will include 3 guitars. That plus the 4 Guitars my dad has (he used to be in a band but he's not nearly as good as Grandpa) means that I will one day be the owner of half a dozen instruments I can't play...
I understand the mechanics of the thing though, I just can't play chods very well because I never practice.


2008-03-09 14:07:35

...that's pretty sweet. i wish i had a G4 myself...


2008-08-31 14:11:01

Nice pic


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