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Not funny.

Your rhymes and "flow" are mediocre and none existent, respectively. Also, bad costume.
The good: Wicked special effects. Funny idea, though not well executed. You get points for lightning though.

Hilarious in it's simplicity.

Screw the animation and quality, the Jokes in thi flash are just a step above most others.

Dicks Ahoy!

I wonder, was there a condition to the "Slumber Party" where you had to all add gristly male nudty to every scene? Or was that just a coincidence? Perhapse it was natural considering the "course of events" that was taking place during your sleep over...
All subtle gay jokes aside, I laughed. Nice Work. Dan Malo's was my favorite.

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Fantastic Gameplay.

This is good enough for a gameboy. Or better, a PSP.

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I want to rip off my pants and dance with sailors.

There are very, very, VERY few things in this world that will make me say the above statement, but this is one of them. A beaut of a techno song, well orchestrated, appropriatly remixed, and catchy as all fcuking hell.

Eclectic to say the least!

It's a little toooo slow for me, but I'm really loving the sweet sound samples you got going on in the beat.

Damn. Very well written.

I'm Jealous you thought of this. It's so perfect. The melody is ultra catchy and everything meshes together superbly. The pulsing synth bass and the drum beats fit so well. The opening is fantastic and creates just the right style of suspense.
By far one of my favorite electronic songs on newgrounds.

Envy responds:

Gotta be honest, your little avatar caught my attention otherwise I may not have responded ^.^

Thanks for the review XD My favorite part was the intro, and it still is XD

I enjoy banging with my gangs, buying and selling women's bodies, dealing illegal substances, doing laundry with money instead of clothes, robbing various business establishments including, Liqour Merchants, Gun Vendors, and chess clubs called Pawn Shops.

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